Millionaire 'gives up' £130k sports car in swap deal

Millionaire 'gives up' £130k sports car in swap deal

Millionaire 'gives up' £130k sports car in swap deal

Published By PMW on 03 February 2023 20:57:54

Audi R8 offered for Prime Energy drink

A millionaire 'traded' his luxury sports car in exchange for £5,000 worth of Prime energy drink. Wassem Khan, from Hyde Park in Leeds, made his fortune by investing in cryptocurrency while he was still a teenager, according to Yorkshire Live.

Desperate to get his hands on the sought-after sports drink, the 20-year-old offered his brand new Audi R8 - which is worth almost £130,000 - as payment to Wakefield store Wakey Wines. In a Tik Tok video of the exchange, shop owner Mohammad Azar Nazir can be seen standing next to Wasseem with two packs of the viral energy drink.

Nazir made headlines earlier in the week after announcing that he would be selling the drink, released by Youtubers Logan Paul and KSI, for £100 a bottle.

Publicity stunt or real deal?

In the clip, Nazir introduces Wasseem, known as 'Waskhan' on social media, and says: "Yes Waskhan how you dealing pal? You alright? Where have you come from?" Wasseem then replies: "I've come all the way from Leeds to buy some Prime."

Nazir then offers him two dozen cans, saying: "So that's 24 cans my brother, so that's £5,000." He jokingly asks Wasseem how he plans to pay for drinks, to which he replies: "You might as well take my car."

The pair then make their way outside to where Wasseem's brand new Audi R8, which has his social media handle printed on the side, is parked. Wasseem hands over the keys to Nazir and they say their goodbyes.

Wasseem made his money in crypto trading

Last year, Wasseem revealed that he made his money through online trading and set his sights on becoming a millionaire after he couldn't afford lunch one day. He said: "I started off young, started off with just my parent’s money, they were not the wealthiest. I went to college, that was just a chill for me. Then I found online trading, I started to see good results, it kept going and going.

"Me becoming a millionaire is due to multiple incomes, social media, real estate and others. The best part is that I went from working in Domino's to making an empire for myself. I can have luxury cars and luxury homes. I just bought an R8 and it says on the back from Domino's to R8.”

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Millionaire 'gives up' £130k sports car in swap deal | NEWS

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